Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Perks of Call Center Jobs in the Philippines

One call center company in the Philippines is offering rest and relaxation for their agents. No, it's not in the form of those little couches and bean bags in the quarters. No, it's not in the form of instant coffee either. They take employee care to the next level. Now, overstressed and overworked call center agents can go to the spa located in house!

A call center company in the Philippines recently opened a spa right inside their premises for the exclusive use of their employees. This is in line with their efforts to ease the stress of their hardworking employees. I seriously think that that's taking it to the next level. While most companies would let the team leaders take care of the bonding and all the "cooling off" this particular company actually took the extra mile and set up a spa inside their own premises.

And that's not all, they have actually installed a gym as well! Now I've heard about call center agents getting fatter. I used to think this is partly because of the kind of lifestyle they have to get themselves into with regards to the changing schedule. A lot of them have to rely on fastfood for their daily nutrition and they have to drink tons and tons of coffee too. So having a gym might not be so bad an idea after all.

Call centers in the Philippines have been on the rise and the industry shows no signs of stopping. To cater to the needs of the every-growing employees of call center companies, they have to take extra measures to ensure the health (which would translate to productivity) of these call center agents.

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Anonymous said...

Philippine call center is getting lots of exposures all over the world. That is also why there are numbers of foreign countries who want to outsource their online businesses here. Having said that, it's a good thing that there are many people who can speak english fluently and are also fit for the call center jobs.