Monday, May 12, 2008

Outsourcing Homework and Laundry

I found this outsourcing joke while going around my daily rounds in Google. When I saw it, well first I laughed then I got curious and searched for similar concepts. I came across several articles that discuss how people from India, Korea even the Philippines give "personal" outsourcing services. Offshore outsourcing is not strictly relating to big companies anymore. Now even individuals can outsource their work. I read in one of the articles I came across with that her daughter is studying English (or was it Math? I forgot the subject) through an online course prepared by a teacher in India. There are also freelance IT specialists who offer their services. Outsourcing in the micro scale is not exactly a half bad idea.

So how do you avail offshore professional help for your personal tasks?

Because of instant messaging, email, and even webcam, transactions can be made even without meeting in person. You have to know your way around the Internet to get the best bargain and the best value for your money. There are insitutions and websites now that cater to personal offshore outsourcing need. Tapping the talent pool of India, China and the Philippines is not a difficult task anymore.

1. Make qualification tests. Once you post your ad, there will be thousands and thousands of people bidding for it for sure. To narrow your choices down, put up stringent requirements and specific qualifications. If it's a skill work such as drawing or painting, then have them send samples or even a video of them so you'd see their skill live.

2. Compare cost of labor. Some people would work double for a price that another person would charge for only half the effort. Be discriminating.

3. Avoid third-party transactions. If the person you're talking to is redirecting you to another person then drop it. You'd most likely get ripped off and be compelled to pay twice the amount since there is a middleman involved. Always go for the direct contacts.

4. Clear out cultural gaps as early as possible. Lay down your rules and have the vendor explain his side before going into any transactions. There may be limitations to what he can do depending on his culture and certain laws covering their country. As for the laws that may not be a problem since most offshore outsourcing countries have less protective laws which makes business easier.

Don't let all the big shots have all the offshore outsourcing benefits. You can also benefit from it and you will find that it will help you a great deal. It may also free you from any offshore outsourcing prejudice you have.

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