Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pitfall of Outsourcing IT Jobs

Offshore outsourcing IT jobs has been the main anxiety of people in the advent of the offshore outsourcing trend. Suddenly, computer programmers find themselves getting “replaced” by cheaper labor overseas. At first it was considered a fad but when companies start seeing the benefits and started following suit, the immediate dismissal of US employees alarmed everyone.

Americans are highly patriotic and would stand up for their country until the very end. But what happens when he is stripped off his job and he suddenly realizes that his expertise is not needed anymore? When a company that used his IT specialization for so many years decide to relieve him from work and give his long-term job to Indians offshore, what will he do?

Sadly for Kevin Flanagan, the answer to that was a gunshot to the head. This suicide issue has been blamed on the fact that the Bank of America has opened its doors to offshore outsourcing and that with their process of dumping programmers and IT specialists, Flanagan was one of those unfortunate ones to get his termination notice that day. With the unending, rising debate regarding the pros and cons of offshore outsourcing, Flanagan’s case fueled anti-offshoring camps in their vehement resistance to the concept of sending jobs overseas.

What are Americans so afraid of?

Well for one thing, they’re losing their jobs most probably permanently. Computer programmers and IT professionals find themselves lining up for a job, any job at all including clerical work if they’d get lucky enough to get in there. Offshore outsourcing companies are dumping their programmers to cut back on cost by outsourcing it to places where labor is cheaper. The rope is tugged between two groups, those who think that offshore outsourcing is just a passing fad and those who think that offshore outsourcing is a doomsday device. It is important to note that the companies are now holding back on discussing offshore outsourcing plans to their employees for fear of resistance.

With the current panic surrounding the issue of offshore outsourcing IT jobs, it is important for companies to discuss this openly with their employees.

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