Thursday, August 14, 2008

Apple Topples Google in Market Share

This is just in. Apple is now worth more than Google in market share.

The current market capitalization of Apple is US$159.37 billion, squeaking by Google's market cap of US$157.56 billion. Next in Apple's sights ought to be the old man on the block, IBM. Their current market value is around US$170 billion. It may take a while for Apple to catch up with Microsoft, though -- at the present time MSFT is worth about US$255 billion.


I kind of knew they were going to squeeze in sooner or later. I think this has a lot to do with the release of the iPhone3g along with the MacBook Air. (though it has been observed that whenever Apple releases something new, the stocks waver on the bad side) Apple has always been so keen on revolutionizing their own products that it has finally caught up with them. It may indeed take a while though before Apple catches up with Microsoft. No worries, no one is in a rush. Apple hasn't really displayed aggression in the market as much as Microsoft has. This feat is already a big thing for Apple which I'm sure the investors would be talking about.

The AAPL has been very volatile which is very similar to Google for this year. However, unlike AAPL, Google has made a drastic plunge which allowed Apple to move up. With this kind of development I'm sure people will be talking about who will buy who. I think this is completely absurd though. Both companies are fully capable of handling themselves.

We can only stand and watch now. Google? How about you?

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