Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chrome and Firefox Head to Head

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Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

With the release of Google Chrome, the next thing that people would be asking about is how Mozilla would react to it. Will it waver under the seemingly huge threat that Google is posing? Google is after all, the biggest search engine to date and its influence stems a lot farther than its search box.

John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla Corp., has this to say about Google Chrome and its relation with Mozilla Firefox:
“It is not surprising that they are doing a browser. Google does many things (servers, energy) that touch their business,” he said. “They feel that they can make a better browser by starting from scratch…advances in browsers are good.”
- source: Gigaom

In my opinion, Mozilla shouldn't worry that much about Google Chrome. The launch of Google Chrome was a definite buzz, there's no doubt about that but what Google lacks is the follow-through. They have yet to dominate other areas online such as messengers and social networks although talks have been going on about Google buying a certain top social bookmarking website so the threat isn't that great. Mozilla can still hold on as the white knight against Internet Explorer.

A little competition is always healthy and in this case it will most probably push Firefox to step up their game. I've personally tried Google Chrome and admittedly it is easy to use and is reminiscent of other browsers. It has a little bit of Opera, a little bit of FF and IE. But problems start coming up and it is now Google's challenge to overcome the bumps.

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