Sunday, September 14, 2008

Top 10 Internet Millionaires under 30!

The internet is a gold mine for those with the eyes that could search. The fastest and most incredibly profitable business nowadays is the internet and these young entrepreneurs were able to tap into its potential and reap the benefits that the internet has to offer.

1. Name: Mark Zuckerberg
Trade: Facebook
Age: 23 years old
Worth: $700M

2. Name: Andrew Gower
Trade: Runescape
Age: 28 years old
Worth: $650M

3. Name: Blake Ross and David Hyatt
Trade: Mozilla
Age: 22 years old
Worth: $120M

4. Name: Chad Hurley
Trade: Youtube
Age: 30 years old
Worth: $85M

5. Name: Angelo Sotira
Trade: Deviant ART
Age: 26 years old
Worth: $75M

6. Name: John Vechey
Trade: PopCap Games
Age: 28 years old
Worth: $60M

7. Name: Alexander Levin
Trade: WordPress
Age: 23 years old
Worth: $57M

8. Name: Jake Nickell
Trade: Threadless
Age: 28 years old
Worth: $50M

9. Name: Sean Belnick
Trade: Biz Chair
Age: 20 years old
Worth: $42M

10. Name: Kevin Rose
Trade: Digg
Age: 30 years old
Worth: $31M

The top 1 comes as no surprise already but it is also important to note that Runescape's Andrew Gower is actually stepping up. With ingenuity, a whole lot of guts and the will to push through with it, these boys all got it. These numbers are what drives to go-do-it people to push their limits but it's also because of these numbers that a lot of abusers tinker with the system in the hopes of getting easy money fast. One thing that these millionaires have in common is that they appropriately supported their ideas and pushed it. No shortcuts. No shady tactics. They got there fair and square.

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